Reiki is a type of energy healing, similar to Acupuncture, “laying-on-of-hands” and prayer. It is pronounced ray-key and originated in Japan over 100 years ago. It’s been influenced by Eastern spiritual and therapeutic discipline, practice and ideals, but has no religious affiliation itself.

In a Reiki session, I will place my hands on your body in a series of positions that correspond to your major organs and endocrine glands. There’s no pressure or manipulation, just my hands resting lightly on your body. You may feel warmth or a tingling sensation. Because I am only a channel, I depend on the energy to go where it is needed and do what is required for your highest good. The healing process you and I start together will continue to manifest for some time after our session ends. You might want to take things easy for a day or so, in order to gain the full benefits. Reiki will elicit a healing response across your entire being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

60 minutes $65